Friday 27 April 2018

Not Bad For An Animal Abuser!

Another week of bashing, another week of BS all over FB, but hey it means the idiots are leaving other people alone. This week it is that I am an animal abuser, and murderer, now unless I read a different dictionary to Fungus and her gang, I think you will find that this isn't entirely true. All you have to do is follow the page, look at the photos, and you will see success story after success story.

Take Telde 4 when he arrived in the middle of the night from the police raid, that we were asked to attend (hmmm amazing how they ask animal abusers to these things) he was skin and bone. He had sores, and was missing patches of hair.
He was a sorry looking dog with no reason to be happy, but with food, love, and the right medical attention he has thrived. He is huge now, and is loving life, which is always great to see.
Telde 4 is just one of the dogs here that has come on so well, and I am delighted that he is due to continue his journey soon and travel to mainland for second assessments, and rehoming. See that is the other point, I work with other people, it is what makes rescue a success and ensures more dogs get homes. None of this all about ME crap that you see so often.

Working together saves more lives, which is what it is about for me, seeing healthy happy dogs in their amazing new homes. Sadly this isnt the same goal for everyone, and one of the idiots actually criticised the fact that we have rehomed so many dogs....  I do pity these people, but hey I don't dwell on it as I have a rescue to run.

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