Thursday 5 April 2018

Thank God For The Chain

I don't agree with dogs being chained, however, the other day I was thankful that a dog was on a chain, and that I had worked out how long the chain was! When we were at the Spanish guys finca, he showed us all the dogs that were scattered far and wide. Many were chained as he had no cages/kennels for them. When approaching a chained dog it is always a cautious experience as the dog considers this area to be there property.

There was a beautiful dog sat up on a pallet house, he watched us as we approached, and jumped down to greet the guy, tail wagging, full of happiness, rolled over for belly rubs, and then jumped back in to his house.

This happened several times, and the dog appeared to be friendly, and I begun to walk towards it. I stopped as I heard a low deep growl, which is never good. We locked eyes, he growled, and I went backwards as fast as I could, praying the chain was the length I had predicted.

Thankfully, I was correct and just as I reached the safety spot the dog stopped on the chain. At that moment my heart needed to resume to its normal speed, and Miss H started sniggering that she had never seen me move so fast.

The dog was obviously very protective of his home, and his area, this may be something that we can work with once unchained. So, on this occasion a chain was good, it enabled me to still have legs, and to be able to walk away.  I will return and unchain, and see if his behaviour is different. If so he may get his chance of a new life, but for now he has to stay and wait his turn.

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