Saturday 7 April 2018

Operation Catch A cat

The number of stray cats here on GC is huge, in fact I think they out number people, and might be plotting to take over the world! There are cats everywhere, and many people do not care that they have the potential to breed over and over, creating a massive problem.

No matter how many times I tell people the scary numbers that one female cat has the potential of producing it never seems to have an effect.
Sadly the attitude is often "oh well they will die eventually" I have walked into so many finca's to see literally hundreds of cats running around, with the owner having no care, or responsibility. So, when I walked into the Spanish guys place the other day and saw the cats, my heart sank, as so many were pregnant, and I knew I had to ask the question.

Usually, when I ask why the cats are not steralised, the Spanish look at me like I have grown a second head. They simply do not see it as a problem, as the kittens will likely die, and eventually the cats will die from disease, or fighting. However, the answer I got was a shock, a nice one, and one that we could work with.

I asked if the issue was that he didn't want to steralise, or was it money... he answered "money" Well that was easily solved, as I knew a group of amazing supporters that could help us to raise the funds. We came up with a plan, I would supply the boxes, he would catch the cats as instructed, and I would pay the bill.

So, all week we have been meeting swapping neutered cats for un neautered ones, and we have managed to steralise 13 so far.
We think there is around 8 more to go, which is incredible, and will make his and these cats lives so much better. These are the small things in life, which has made me feel so proud to have the supporters I do, as you all came together to help someone you did not know. If everyone did a little so much more could be achieved in the world!

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