Saturday 14 April 2018

Put It On The Bill

There are several things that are going to be written on my headstone when I die, many I cannot repeat, however, one saying that I use a lot is "put it on the bill"  I have never been one to ask the vets how much things are, I always think if you have to ask then you cannot afford it. I would never not have an operation due to lack of funds, and the day I do is the day I quit.

So many rescues delay operations, and vital procedures due to a lack of funds, and this is worrying. Although I worry about money a lot, I have an amazing vet who knows he gets the money eventually. We rely on amazing supporters to help, and slowly we pay off the debt after the animal has been fixed.

Surely if you cannot have a relationship with your vet where the dog comes first, then you should not be rescuing animals. Sorry if people don't agree with me, (whats new there!) but the animal should always come first. The phrase "put it on the bill" is said so often with me, but we always pay it, and the animal has a chance.

I sit is despair when I see "rescues" pleading for money to pay for operations, with the dog just sat there waiting. How is this helping? how is this what is best for the dog? I suppose it also helps that I work as well as run my rescue, so I know that if it really comes to it I can pay out of what I earn. Again this is the correct way to run a rescue, having a back up plan for expenses.

On a side note..... Contrary to the stupid statement that was said yesterday about me from a person who we refer to as Fungus (irritating as hell, and has no purpose in life) regarding the claim that I do un necessary surgery on dogs so I can blog about them, I think the dogs would consider them to be necessary for their health, and future. Rossi is one such dog... hit by a car, broken leg.... She is thankful I said "put it on the bill"

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