Friday 20 April 2018

We Have to Get Off the Island!

A quick Geography lesson, Gran Canaria is an island, No where near Spain, in fact very close to Africa. Being an island means that everything including animals has to be flown, or travel by boat in and out. This means that transport costs are higher than mainland Spain. Sadly, the "fanclub" seem to be shit at geography, and are banging on about me ripping people off, and making costs up!

So, here is a math lesson for Mrs K, and your friends on your group claiming I am:

Funding my lifestyle
Making money
Ripping people off

If we get a dog from the pound everything is usually done, howveer, they are issued a cartilla which they cannot fly on. So a passport and rabies injection is needed- 30€

If we get a dog from a holding pound, police, other kennels, other organisations, we typically have to do everything- 195€- 155€

Then there is the monthly filaria treatment, tick, and flea treatment, worming, food and if other medical issues then more money.

When we rehome to the UK we ask for 285 pounds approx 321.79€ adoption fee. EVERY person is told how we transport the dogs, ask any of them! We state very clearly we fly from here to mainland (sorry cannot swim that far) and then the dogs are collected and transported by a fully licenced animal courier. Yet Mrs K claims, NO ONE is ever told this, I lie to EVERYONE and claim they are flown direct..... must be the slowest flight in history!

So back to the math lesson -

Transport costs per dog GC to mainland then mainland to UK including flights, customs, paperwork, transporter, tunnel, flying humans and boxes back is around 600€ per dog.

ONE DOG- 630€ - 825€ GC to UK

received 321.79€
this leaves a MINUS of between 308.21 and 503.21

YES a LOSS on every single dog.... before you ask why we do it.... to see these dogs happy and healthy. It is NOT a business, I own a charity, that does not make money, I do not live of my profit or lie to people.

Really Mrs K look in the mirror, as I have shown the rescue you lied about in your statements, and they aren't happy about several things you did. Also you should really remember when you lay down with dogs you get fleas.... and the person you are in bed with is the one I have many messages from you slagging him and his horse rescue off, have you told him that?

So yet again more lies about me and my charity, which is so annoying as you would think people would be happy that dogs are getting amazing homes. Sadly though there are people out there that are never happy, not with life, or themselves. Come on people take a look at your own sad little lives, and be happy for other people, you might surprise yourself, and become a better person!

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