Monday, 16 April 2018

Membership Is Free

So, it seems there is a secret, not so secret group on FB filled with people who hate me determined to shut my rescue down. Now I'm not sure if I should be flattered that these sad people have set up this group, or excited that I have my own groupies. Either way it is beyond laughable, especially when you look at the membership list.

The group is made up of people who I have pissed off over the years, some from here, but mainly people from the UK. What makes the whole thing even more laughable is that a majority of the members don't even know me. They are those saddo types that join anything to get attention, and maybe a badge.

Of course there is Mr C who is pissed off as he can no longer con people with his dodgy "rescue", and I helped seprona to shut it down for starving his horses and keeping his dogs under tarpaulin in 50c heat. remember those horses?

He of course is shouting from the rooftops how evil and nasty I am, hmmmmm

Then beside him is the delightful Mrs K who loves every opportunity to grab her wooden spoon and stir that pot, yet she seems to forget how she left two dogs in the pound to rot, because she wouldn't let my rescue help to transport them, pissed around a UK rescue, and in the end the pound asked for my help as they were sick of her.

Of course Fungus is in there, screaming at every opportunity how I abuse animals, and murder dogs. Yet with not one bit of evidence, but hey she lives up to her name.. irritating as hell and no purpose in life.

Then there is Mr C who cannot even spell my name, which results in poor Mrs Barker getting the blame for everything he posts.

There is also a lady from Spain who I dont even know, but she loves a good drama, and refers to me as the devil at every opportunity. .... isnt it better the devil you know?

I'm sure there are many other members waving pitchforks, and making "We Hate Louise" T shirts...

All I can say is...

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  1. Its cool. We will start an I love Louise page 😍. Bet this page will get way more members than any hate group