Thursday 30 November 2017

Arguing With Idiots!

I have had days and days of idiots, they are everywhere, they are on my page, in my inbox, and even sending me voice notes. Come on people give it a rest you are exhausting, all I want to do is rescue, not get into a huge drama. Some of these people are relentless, they go on and on and on, and no matter how many times, I say please go away they keep on.

Sadly a few of them are supposed to be in the rescue world, but I want to know where the hell they get the time, to sit type and argue. I hardly get time to remember to change my clothes, or brush my hair. They start from early hours, right through to late night, repeating the same things over and over, even when you tell them you DO NOT CARE, they still continue.

I actually said "ok, have a nice day" to one, and she then posted a screenshot calling me a liar! Am I in a different universe to these people, are they seeing something different. Im at the pound, and they message, I'm in the car and they message, I'm at the vet with sick dogs and bloody hell they message. Come on people give it a bloody rest.

They scream, name and shame all day long, post evidence, tell us your side, and again I repeat, not my monkey not my drama, and they continue. So now for my own inner peace, I am ignoring, it is easier than answering, easier than caring. Simply arguing with idiots is just not worth it.....

Wednesday 29 November 2017

What Would You Do To Save Them?

Rescue is tough, and every day I have to make hard decisions, ones that I know will make a difference to an animals life. Yesterday I had to make the decision to remove one of the cats ears, don't worry I have not lost the plot entirely, she has cancer.

White cats are prone to cancer here, and I knew that one day it would get her, and over the weekend, I could see that she was ill. Her ears were being eaten away by this horrible disease, and she had a growth on her face.

I took her to the vet, and he confirmed the worst, my beautiful Tazzy had cancer, and I had to make the decision whether to let her go, or give her some more time. I choose to take her ears, and not her life.

Although I knew this was the right decision, and it has bought her some time, I feel so bad for her. She was always be beautiful to us, but there is something creepy about a cat with no ears!

So for the time being she has another chance, and we hope the cancer doesn't get too aggressive. Why is life so shit, and why do I have to make tough decisions, I would much rather play in a fort, coloring with crayons!

Monday 27 November 2017

People Used to Bring Me Flowers

Once upon a time, in a land far far away people used to bring me flowers, or a nice chilled bottle of wine, these days they bring me animals, and bags of food scraps. Now I know this sounds incredibly strange to normal people, in fact to me it is slightly odd, however, it has become the norm. Now before anyone calls social services, and declares I am feeding my kids scraps, they are for the chickens.

As a family we don't actually produce that much food wastage, my family loves food, and they will fight for the last remaining piece of food on a plate. Therefore, these food bags are welcome, and can be found hung on our gates, or thrust in my hand in public places. No matter where we go, people hand me bags of bread, and other smelly offerings.

Many of my animals were starved, or were in fact being fed the most awful diet before coming here, therefore, they can sniff out scraps. If anything gets thrown to the chickens, Magic is there expecting his piece too. Sadly he was fed bread, and sugar cane for many years, so he loves both, and will still fight you for a piece of mouldy bread.

So, if you see me in the street and fancy helping out by giving me a bag of scraps, you could also tie a bottle of wine to it, just to make my day!

Sunday 26 November 2017

Do Some Research!

The internet has given us the ability to connect with people all over the world, this can be a good thing, it cam also be disastrous. The dog posts are shared, and shared again, which is great, it means that more people are likely to see them, and potentially adopt.

Now maybe it is just me, but if a post pops up on my FB wall, and I am interested I read it in full, see where the person who wrote it is from, and gather all of the information. I know that I am not in the majority for doing this, as so many people comment on a post they have seen shared, with stupid questions.

So, they see a dog that has come from Pet Pals GC..... do they go on the page look around, see what we do, read the about section..... nope, they write... " where are you" now I am so tempted to write.... "sat on my sofa... you?" Another stupid question I get asked over and over.... "how old is the dog" Well if you read the first line it states name, sex and age in CAPITAL letters.

When did we become so lazy that we cannot be bothered to look around a page, to read what the charity does, these people are supposedly wanting to adopt a dog, you would think they would want some more information about the charity. The thing is I consider my page to be easy to navigate, yet still I have people asking me stupid questions.

A woman the other day told me I was hostile, as I did not write a full blown essay regarding her stupid question, and she backed it up with the usual... I will delete you then.... OK, keep walking, and close the door on your way out. If you cannot spend a small amount of time looking at what we do and why, then you don't deserve to adopt one of my dogs.

Friday 24 November 2017

What Every Girl Wants!

I hate shopping, I hate everything about it from the people to the queues, I am one of those shoppers that get in ad get out. I know what I want, I don't stop, I don't browse I grab, pay and run.... well walk fast back to my car. My days of buying nice clothes and shoes has long gone, and these days I can be found in the feedstore gazing at feeders, and buckets.

A few weeks ago I spotted something I really wanted, I knew I had to have it, and even did the pouty lip to hubby. However, there was no spare cash left after feed and essentials, therefore, I had to walk away and leave it behind. I put the shiny item to the back of my mind, and dreamed of the day I could buy it, and bring it home.

What was this amazing item you may ask, well it was a new wheelbarrow,

now to many this may seem sad, however, I REALLY needed a new one, and this was the best wheelbarrow ever. Something so simple was so far out of my grasp, but I saved my pennies, and like a child saving for the sweet shop, eventually I had enough. With great anticipation, and excitement I went back for the wheelbarrow.

You had to be there to fully understand the excitement, and the joy I have from having this wheelbarrow on the property. Sadly though hubby and stretch (my son) want to use my new wheelbarrow for mucky jobs, and moving dirt *shudder* so they not understand they may get her dirty! Yes its a her.... and she doesnt want to get dirty, or damaged, or broken.

I allowed hubby to use her the other day, with rules, and under supervision, she came back unharmed, so it was a success. It may happen again soon, if I feel she can be out of my sight, and without supervision, but as all mum's will know this takes time. For now, she is happy in the barn, being used for non dirty jobs, where I can admire her, and think of a suitable name.

Wednesday 22 November 2017


It is that time of year, the time when I rush around to produce a calendar that so many people state they want, and will buy, and then they end up costing me a fortune, and gathering dust. Why do I do it to myself every year, year year I say no more, and every year we have them printed!

Calendars are the most expensive thing we produce, and we have to sell a huge amount, and sadly every year we sell a small proportion. We have to print 500 this is non negotiable, therefore, we have to sell loads. Now maybe it is just me, but if I followed a page, adopted, a dog, and claim to support a charity, I would buy one.

This year the calendars include a selection of the dogs that have been adopted over the years, the print quality is good, but still only a small amount get sold. It is beyond frustrating as to why more don't get sold. As you can tell I am in a moany mood...... so to lift my mood buy a calendar, and remind me why I print them!

Tuesday 21 November 2017

Are You Up For Fostering?

Fostering can be very rewarding, however, it can also be stressful, daunting, and upsetting, so how do you know if you are cut out for fostering? There are several key things that you need to consider before you agree to foster, or it could turn out badly for both you and the dog. You will also have the wrath of me, which is an even worse fate!

1. What happens if I want to keep the foster? 

I'm not going to lie, most of my foster mums have been foster failures, they have kept at least one of the dogs, and in some cases, multiple dogs. I have no issue with you adopting, however, you need to think if you actually do want to adopt, or simply cannot say goodbye.

You have to think about how satisfying it will be to help a dog get into the best possible home, and that if you adopt, you may not be able to help anymore. You will feel the panic, as you walk away, and you will think shit have I done the right thing. However, these feelings pass as you prepare to help the next dog.

2. Dealing with poop, chewing, howling, and bad behavior

The first few days can be a nightmare, and you will think WTF have I got myself into, as the dog you are fostering may be going through a roller coaster of emotions. Trust me these will pass, and you are there to teach them right from wrong. You are helping them to go through the next stage of their journey.

3.  Foster withdrawal- Keep in touch 

We encourage you to keep in touch, to remain connected to your foster dogs for as long as you want. This could be as simple as messaging the new home, or even offering to dog sit if they go away. I want you to feel part of what we do, to be involved, and follow the dogs progress, it is worth it. Receiving messages and photos, will remind you why you do this.

4. Saying Goodbye

Dogs aren't stupid, they know when we are upset or anxious, this is why you need t make the transition from you to their home  a happy, and stress free experience. Even if you cry all the way home in the car, don't show those emotions around the foster dog. As you walk away the dog will be confused, as they have been through a huge amount, in such a short space of time. You will be amazed though how they adapt, and will soon fall in love with their new owners.

5. Learning to be supportive 

For the first few weeks you are likely to be messaged constantly, and you need to be supportive, and positive. You will know the dog, and have to help the new home to get over the initial problems that there are likely to be, Many new homes panic, and you must be there for them, we offer RBU, therefore, you must back up your decision.

I always think that foster mums are a different breed, they are unique, and in my team you have to be even more unique! Fostering isn't for everyone, however, if you start fostering you will soon discover that like a packet of crisps, you can never have just one!

Monday 20 November 2017

Losing Fosters

This week has been hard as I have lost two of my foster mums from the UK team, and no I didn't kill them or scare them away... life simply got in the way. I consider my team in the UK to be a huge part of what we do, and they change so many dogs lives, that when they decide to stop it is hard. I fully understand and appreciate why some have to stop fostering, but that doesn't stop me going "oh fuck"

Fostering takes a special type of person, and finding good foster mums that fit in with our team and style is hard. You not only have unique dogs to find homes for, but you have to deal with me, which can be tough.


This is why when we have people that fit in, and put up with me, they are like unicorns,....... existing but very rare!

So, we have a gap at the moment, and I need to find other foster mums, which will mean that every idiot and their second cousin first removed will message. Hopefully in with the idiots I will find some great people, as the foster homes that have stopped fostering are fantastic at what they do, and those are big shoes to fill.

As always these guys know they can return at anytime, and I will welcome them back with open arms, stinky dogs, and my usual wit and sarcasm. For me it is not a goodbye, but a see you next year when life fucks off and allows you to foster again.

Saturday 18 November 2017

Only Me!

Why can one simple road trip to transport dogs not go simply and smoothly, only I can end up with  a loose kitten in the car on route to another island. So, we pull up to the ferry, on time, not stressed, not having to reserve on the back on the ferry as it is leaving, which is a miracle in itself. We park in the lane, and just as I say to fatty "go get me a coffee" we heard it....

There was a cat crying, REALLY crying, I sat there, and sat there, and then I had to go look. Sure enough coming from a parked car on the harbor wall, was the distinctive cry of "GET ME OUT OF HERE" A kitten had gone and got itself stuck in a car engine, oh joy! There was a crowd gathering, doing what the Spanish do... NOTHING!

They were debating, and pondering, and discussing, so fatty tried to get under the car, which obviously was not happening. This left it to me to crawl under the car for a look, and sure enough there it was a kitten by the wheel arch. At that point, the ferry pulled in, it was a now or never moment, as I couldn't miss the ferry, but I couldn't leave the kitten.

Thankfully fatty thinks like me, and she knew what I needed to do, we bent the inside panel of the wheel arch..... (sorry Mr car owner, but needs must) and I stuck my arm up inside the engine, and voile found the kitten. In typical kitten style, it moved, and wriggled, but once I had hold of its head, I wasn't letting go. (sorry kitten, but needs must)

Out came the kitten, and crawled inside my jumper, the Spanish were delighted, at THEIR rescue, and proudly, congratulated, each other. Whatever, I had a ferry to catch...... a man did ask what I was going to do with it now, Errr hello it was coming with us, what else was I supposed to do.

So, me fatty, some transport boxes, and some dogs, were on our way, and yes the kitten spent the day in the car, eating, drinking, and thinking " this is why my mummy told me not to wander off"

Thursday 16 November 2017

Its All In A Name

Naming animals has always been a challenge, and as the name pool gets smaller, the more stupid the names become. I have learnt over the years not to leave the naming to either the children, or the husband, as both think up the most stupid names. Small people always come up with the most bizarre logic behind the name choice, and I'm the one that has to shout the chosen name.

Fatty had many small animals as a child, as she was like the serial killer of hamsters, which we decided was due to her poor choice in names. We had everything including fluffy, Cecil, and Sooty, so her dad named the rabbit for her.... We all thought stew was incredibly funny, it took her a while to work out why this was so amusing.

Google is often used when needing names for animals, and if that doesn't work, I will often say "god I don't know" and the poor animal gets named easily, i.e Donkey is called Donkey we have dogs that are named after their breeds, and cats that are called cat. Igor is lovingly named arsehole most days, although he does also respond to WTF are you doing.

Thankfully when we named our children we thought about it longer, and made wise choices. Although fatty was going to be called Yasmine Summer until the gas and air wore off, and I realized WTF.

Wednesday 15 November 2017

Knowing Your Limits!

Every day I stop and stare at my horses, I consider myself to be so blessed to have them, and fortunate that I can afford to give them the care and food they need. I know I am bias, however, my horses are stunning. They have come so far from the day each of them arrived, and this has been done with minimal vet care, a lot of love and a hell of a lot of food.

Horses are not cheap, even without any large vets bills, they cost a small fortune to feed correctly every month. This is why I know my limits, and at present I cannot afford anymore, sadly there are people out there that think if they "rescue" then it is quantity, not quality of life for the animal. The bad "rescue" took on to much, and at one point they had ten horses, all under fed, all kept in hell, but hey they were rescued!!

These guys took on too much, they could not feed the horses the quantity they required, and struggled to even feed them daily. What they did feed was thrown on the floor, for the horses to stand in, and have to pick through. Everything was wrong, so wrong, and slowly the horses died.

Thankfully Seprona have now stepped in, but these guys are still too stubborn and pig headed to accept the help, and are refusing for the animals to be helped.

So, the horses still stand in hell, every day I am sent more photos from Seprona, and everyday I feel more sad for these horses.

This isn't rescue, this is hoarding, and these guys need stopping, and prosecuting. There are so many good people that have offered to help, but these guys and their supporters say there is nothing wrong, and that we are making it all up.

They say a photo tells a thousand words..... I don't need a thousand words.... there are no words! Seprona have now announced that these guys were given the seven days to rehome, which they have refused, so the only alternative will be to destroy the animals. What a sad sad day that will be due to the stubbornness and stupidity of a human. 

Tuesday 14 November 2017

When they Are Not Ready to be Caught

Some dogs will starve and starve before admitting that they need help, and the ones that run from you when you are trying to help, simply are not ready for help yet. Yesterday whilst driving home, fatty decided to shout "oh shit there is a really skinny German Shepherd there" this caused me to slam on the brakes, reserves back down a road, round a bend, and stop the car.

There stood a large, severely underweight dog staring at me, so, out I get, grab a lead, and a bag of treats and walk towards the dog. Silly me for thinking this was going to be easy, as I got within two steps of him, he ran off. For thirty minutes we followed, called, and waited, but he was having none of it. He would keep stopping, looking, and wondering, but he obviously felt, he didn't need our help yet.

We will go back and keep trying, as sooner or later, he will accept our help, and will decide that his stomach is in need of a good meal. Dogs always do reach that point, and I have seen it many times before.
 Merlin was one of these dogs, he ran and ran, until one day he simply laid down in my road, refusing to move. Exhaustion and hunger had won, and he wanted help. I picked him up and put him in the car, he knew he was safe, and from that day he knew he would be loved. 

Merlin went on to find an amazing home on the island, and is loved so much that he shows when they give in and ask for help, we can do just that. So, for the time being we will continue to chase the dog, until the day comes when he wants our help. I'm hoping it wont be that long, as he needs help asap. 

Sunday 12 November 2017

Adopting A Dog - Part One- The First Hour

Adopting a dog is stressful for everyone, for you, for me and for the dog, and some how new dog owners seem to forget their brains, and get over excited, and do not listen. Although some do months of research, Google everything and think they are ready, new dog owners brains  just go to mush when their dog arrives.

Two vital things you MUST remember are:

1. Google does not know everything, and although a million people before you have asked the same questions " how many times will my dog pee" "when should I feed my dog" "what to do if my dog does ... this... this or ... this" it will simply confuse the hell out of you.

2. There is no quick, read it on your phone app manual for adopting a dog,  Yes there was one for your new microwave, however, adopting dogs, nope sorry!

So, your rescue dog has just arrived, the one that you have been eagerly waiting for,  and suddenly you have no idea what to do. Hopefully you have been shopping, and bought the vital things you will need. I mean food, and a bowl, not the shiny diamante collar that he will hate you for.

We advise to give the dogs chicken and rice after they have traveled, trust me, have you ever got off the plane with a dodgy tummy, well the dogs are the same. So, chicken is essential, and no I do not mean KFC, real cooked, chicken. Treats are good to make friends with your new dogs, but if you feed them too many, that dodgy tummy will continue for days.

Toys are offer thrust at the poor dogs, who sit and stare at them with a look, of please take me back to the pound. These dogs have often never seen a toy, and again, long journey, new squeaky toy...not the best combination. I know the smell is bad, but please try and avoid throwing your new dog into a bath straight away or you may traumatize them even more.

Within the first hour your poor dog, would be called by 34 different names, as you cannot decide on the right one, have toys and treats thrust at them, posed for 100 photos to go on Instagram, peed and pooed everywhere as you were too busy taking selfies with the dog to notice. When what you actually need to do is....... pour a glass of wine, sit on the sofa, let your new dog explore, and adjust, and feel happy that you saved  a life. Everything else can wait for another day!

Friday 10 November 2017

Pounds Are Not Rescues

People seem to think that pounds and rescue centers are the same thing, and oh boy are they wrong, yes they both have dogs, but that is where the similarities end. Pounds are government run and funded. These are paid for by your hand earned money to keep the dogs away from the public, there are in every country.

These places are very similar to holding cells for people, concrete cells, with basic facilities, often outside. Dogs will end up in them when they have dared to get near the human population, and are considered strays. The dogs are then tagged, numbered, and put up for adoption or killed, depending on temperament.

Again this happens in every country, so please dont think it does not happen in the UK. You can adopt from a pound at any time, just walk in, do some paperwork, and walk out, no assessments, no checks, no care. Rescues are nothing like pounds, we take in a huge number of different cases not just strays, and spend longer assessing and prepping dogs for adoption.

A good rescue will ensure that everything is done to the dog from vaccinations, to major surgery if needed. All of this is paid for by donations, which is why rescues spend most of their time begging, and borrowing. This is also why an adoption fee is often asked for, although it rarely covers what was actually spent.

A good rescue will also spend time asking a million questions, and you may think these are pointless, however, there is logic. These questions give an insight into your life, and what type of home you may be offering. Many people think that rescues should be grateful that they are adopting, and that they are saving the dog.

In fact the dog has already been saved, and is no longer unwanted, it is simply waiting for the right home. If you cannot be bothered to answer the questions, pay the fee, or do what the rescue asks to adopt one of their dogs, then you are better off going to a pound. Once you have picked your unwanted, terrified, un vaccinated matted, dirty furball and nurtured him back to health at a great expense, you may not think rescuers are asking too much.

Thursday 9 November 2017

Do You Want Cock?

Many of my Spanish friends will attempt to message me in English, this achieves two things, they get to practice their English and I get to chuckle. I do admire the fact that the Spanish want to try and learn a second language, and it is never their fault when I chuckle like a school girl at what they have written,

So, my phone goes off and it is Mrs C whose English is very good, and typically causes no huge amount of amusement. However, anyone that sends a simple message of "Do you want cock?" is going to get a line of laughing emojis. Mrs C replied with "what? what did I say wrong" I explained it was nothing, and that it was my humor. She said "cock... Rooster..... right?"  Yes I replied, but then she googled and it all went wrong.

All I could think of was what bloody google does she use, and OMG what a definition. At this point she fully understood the laughing emoji', and was mortified that she had asked me if I wanted the male reproductive organ. I explained it was fine, and maybe a little early for a rough bent up cock!

The next photo she sent was of a cock..... the feathered variety, which I agreed to take, and there ended the English lesson for that day. Although it did make me chuckle at random points throughout the day, schoolgirl mentality, sorry!

Wednesday 8 November 2017

I Am What I Am!

This week has been tough, and it is only Tuesday, all I can hope is that it will get better, although to be honest I am not holding my breath. Due to the shit storm that hit FB over the weekend regarding the "rescue" I have got the back lash. Did I share the video yes, did I share photos of their animals yes, did I do it for the good of the animals yes 100%

However, as always people were not happy, they think I should have deleted my comments, and posts, but nope sorry I stand by them. Due to those posts and other people denouncing the rescue, they have made the right decision to shut down. This is what is best for their animals, and ultimately them, as they can start to rebuild their life.

I have lost donations due to the posts, as some people said I was wrong, this will hit us hard, however, I will not be bullied into removing posts. When I believe in something, I will fight for it, and stand up to everyone. I am what I am, and that isn't going to change! Like the song.... I dont want praise, I dont want pity, I will bang my drum and make people see things from a different angle.

You may not agree with me, but I will fight and shout, and stamp until justice is done. If that means I will be standing alone all day everyday then so be it, but I will continue to do what I think is right. Animals were saved, and people's eyes were opened... if you were too blind to see then more fool you.

Monday 6 November 2017

There is No Excuse!

Good rescues work hard at what we do, we are honest, and transparent, sadly when bad rescues pop up it affects us all. A video emerged yesterday of dogs being kept in awful conditions, the lady who took the video posted on FB and asked if anyone knew whose dogs they were. The response was what you would expect, disgust, shock, and then someone defended the people who owned the dogs.

We could not believe it, why would you defend someone regardless of who it was for keeping dogs in pallet shacks, covered in tarp in the baking sun. All day we contacted Seprona, and different people to find out who it was. When we found out, it was more shocking than first thought, the people keeping these dogs in this condition were "rescue people"

I use the term loosely, basically they get money out of people claiming to be a rescue, and this is how they keep their animals. It is disgusting, and I feel so sorry for the many people that have donated to them in good faith. I also feel sick for the animals in their care, they have "rescued" animals to make them live in hell.

Decide for yourself if this is normal? or right? or humane... the original post has been deleted by the admin of the group as they are his friends! How sick and twisted that he does not have the balls to stand up for animals, because he may upset his friends. There is NO excuse to keep animals like this, regardless of who you are.

Sunday 5 November 2017

Too Much Coffee

I drink a lot of coffee, it helps to get me through the day, and not kill many people on the way, I have no issue with the quantity, but a few people have commented that maybe I should cut back. The honest answer is why? I drink it all day every day, and trust me you do not want to cross my path without coffee seeping through my veins.

I was sent a link the other day from a concerned lady, providing me with alternatives. Now I did chuckle, but before deleting I thought I would see what there was. You never know there might be something amazing on the list NOT.

On the list was Dandelion coffee WTF Firstly I have never actually seen a dandelion here, and secondly why the hell would you want to make coffee out of them.

Dandelions are for making wishes, releasing fairies, and scaring young kids into believing its why they wet the bed.

How can anyone presume that the green, hot sludge is an alternative to coffee that is like claiming an apple is an alternative to a chocolate eclair!

Here is the recipe if anyone wants to try it and convince me that it is delicious and will be on the menu at Starbucks soon. For now I'm happy to stick to my nice, strong coffee and not kill people.

Friday 3 November 2017

Reasons To Be Thankful

Not sure if it is that time of the year, or the time of the month but feeling exhausted and meh at the moment. Deciding if this is my path, or if I should choose a different route. My Dad who is a very wise man always taught me, when you reach a crossroads and feel uncertain, to sit and consider all the reasons in your life to be thankful.

As I sat and pondered I did realise that life is good, as the world is full of suffering, pain and disappointment, and yet I have many things to be thankful of. What I do makes a difference to both animals and people, and that I am lucky that I am able to do this. I need to learn to be grateful for the things I have, and that being grateful is a choice that should be embraced.

I love lists, therefore a gratitude list should have come easily, but it had to be the right list, for the right reasons. You have to remind yourself all the reasons why you need to be thankful, and then the list is possible.

So my list is:

I am thankful for my husband, who is my rock, my strength and has never let me down regardless of what path I have dragged him down.

I am thankful for my health, although I am aging, and cannot do many of the things I was once able, I wake up every morning.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to do something in life that I enjoy, incredibly frustrating, highly stressful, always rewarding, and many times extremely hard.

I am thankful for my children who support what I do, and help where they can, and even at times enjoy the crazy world.

I am thankful for the support from the outside world for my charity at every twist and turn

I am thankful for books as these help to inspire me, and allow me to travel to different times and places

All in all I am thankful for many things, and have decided that this is my path at the moment, and I will continue on this journey until I reach another crossroads.

Thursday 2 November 2017

Before You Donate!

Everyone involved in rescue is amazing, and many of these people give up their own time and money to save animals. Rescuing animals is endless, tireless, and often thankless, and many of us do it with very little funds. Therefore, securing funds is vital, but it really annoys me when I see some of the tactics used by other rescues. 

These rescue's don't seem to realize they are actually doing more harm than good, and that people are put off from donating due to their posts. The top things that put people off are:

TOO MANY PLEAS- Asking for money once is acceptable, but clogging up people inboxes with request after request is bad. Many people wont even open your message, or read your post if you ask over and over for the same thing. They got it the first time, you are broke, and need money, reminding them of this will bore them. 

GUILT TRIPS- The situation for most rescue animals is grim, and what happens in pounds, and rescue centers is dire. However, there is no need to try and make people feel guilty about donating, if you post that "200 dogs are going to die at the end of the day" "or that today is death day" it makes the problems seem to big to overcome, therefore, what is the point in helping. 

AVALANCHE- this is where the rescue bombard everyone with a combination of guilt trips and pleas all at once, and people can simply not process all the information. For your average person this feels like they are being hit in the head with repeated snowballs, and will tend to block your rescue not help. 

SAD STORIES WITH SAD PHOTOS- Illness, and cruelty do exist, and these photos do need to be published, however, not ALL day every day. When your average person is sat at home staring at images of sick animals, with no way of directly helping, they will tend to shut off, and move away from the screen. People want to see happy stories, nice photos, and occasionally the odd OMG photo. 

Wednesday 1 November 2017

Talk Is Cheap

I fall for it every time, the promises of food, and vets bills paid, and donations if I agree to take a dog, when in reality I never hear from the person again, well until the next dog they want me to take. I honestly don't know why I do it, over and over, oh yes I do to save the animal. The broken promises, and empty wallets do make me hate humans just a little more though.

I actually have more respect for people that are honest and say I have no money but I bought you a bag of dog food for taking the dog. Or I have nothing, but thank you for helping, and I'm not going to pretend I will send money, as I wont. The ones that state they will send money simply leave me feeling disappointed.

Why? because I am one of these people that if I say I will do something, I do it. Therefore, I expect everyone to be the same, and I must learn that we aren't all the same.

So, yet again I have dogs in the kennels that I have no funds for, no support to get them homes, and no bags of food to feed them. As it isnt their fault, I will get into more debt, find food from somewhere, and ensure that I find them homes.

                                                  TALK IS CHEAP ...... RESCUE ISN'T