Friday 24 November 2017

What Every Girl Wants!

I hate shopping, I hate everything about it from the people to the queues, I am one of those shoppers that get in ad get out. I know what I want, I don't stop, I don't browse I grab, pay and run.... well walk fast back to my car. My days of buying nice clothes and shoes has long gone, and these days I can be found in the feedstore gazing at feeders, and buckets.

A few weeks ago I spotted something I really wanted, I knew I had to have it, and even did the pouty lip to hubby. However, there was no spare cash left after feed and essentials, therefore, I had to walk away and leave it behind. I put the shiny item to the back of my mind, and dreamed of the day I could buy it, and bring it home.

What was this amazing item you may ask, well it was a new wheelbarrow,

now to many this may seem sad, however, I REALLY needed a new one, and this was the best wheelbarrow ever. Something so simple was so far out of my grasp, but I saved my pennies, and like a child saving for the sweet shop, eventually I had enough. With great anticipation, and excitement I went back for the wheelbarrow.

You had to be there to fully understand the excitement, and the joy I have from having this wheelbarrow on the property. Sadly though hubby and stretch (my son) want to use my new wheelbarrow for mucky jobs, and moving dirt *shudder* so they not understand they may get her dirty! Yes its a her.... and she doesnt want to get dirty, or damaged, or broken.

I allowed hubby to use her the other day, with rules, and under supervision, she came back unharmed, so it was a success. It may happen again soon, if I feel she can be out of my sight, and without supervision, but as all mum's will know this takes time. For now, she is happy in the barn, being used for non dirty jobs, where I can admire her, and think of a suitable name.

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  1. Molly,!!! Came to mind immediately. I'll donate £10 if you call her Molly!!!! Any advances on £10?