Sunday, 12 November 2017

Adopting A Dog - Part One- The First Hour

Adopting a dog is stressful for everyone, for you, for me and for the dog, and some how new dog owners seem to forget their brains, and get over excited, and do not listen. Although some do months of research, Google everything and think they are ready, new dog owners brains  just go to mush when their dog arrives.

Two vital things you MUST remember are:

1. Google does not know everything, and although a million people before you have asked the same questions " how many times will my dog pee" "when should I feed my dog" "what to do if my dog does ... this... this or ... this" it will simply confuse the hell out of you.

2. There is no quick, read it on your phone app manual for adopting a dog,  Yes there was one for your new microwave, however, adopting dogs, nope sorry!

So, your rescue dog has just arrived, the one that you have been eagerly waiting for,  and suddenly you have no idea what to do. Hopefully you have been shopping, and bought the vital things you will need. I mean food, and a bowl, not the shiny diamante collar that he will hate you for.

We advise to give the dogs chicken and rice after they have traveled, trust me, have you ever got off the plane with a dodgy tummy, well the dogs are the same. So, chicken is essential, and no I do not mean KFC, real cooked, chicken. Treats are good to make friends with your new dogs, but if you feed them too many, that dodgy tummy will continue for days.

Toys are offer thrust at the poor dogs, who sit and stare at them with a look, of please take me back to the pound. These dogs have often never seen a toy, and again, long journey, new squeaky toy...not the best combination. I know the smell is bad, but please try and avoid throwing your new dog into a bath straight away or you may traumatize them even more.

Within the first hour your poor dog, would be called by 34 different names, as you cannot decide on the right one, have toys and treats thrust at them, posed for 100 photos to go on Instagram, peed and pooed everywhere as you were too busy taking selfies with the dog to notice. When what you actually need to do is....... pour a glass of wine, sit on the sofa, let your new dog explore, and adjust, and feel happy that you saved  a life. Everything else can wait for another day!

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