Wednesday, 22 November 2017


It is that time of year, the time when I rush around to produce a calendar that so many people state they want, and will buy, and then they end up costing me a fortune, and gathering dust. Why do I do it to myself every year, year year I say no more, and every year we have them printed!

Calendars are the most expensive thing we produce, and we have to sell a huge amount, and sadly every year we sell a small proportion. We have to print 500 this is non negotiable, therefore, we have to sell loads. Now maybe it is just me, but if I followed a page, adopted, a dog, and claim to support a charity, I would buy one.

This year the calendars include a selection of the dogs that have been adopted over the years, the print quality is good, but still only a small amount get sold. It is beyond frustrating as to why more don't get sold. As you can tell I am in a moany mood...... so to lift my mood buy a calendar, and remind me why I print them!

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