Friday, 10 November 2017

Pounds Are Not Rescues

People seem to think that pounds and rescue centers are the same thing, and oh boy are they wrong, yes they both have dogs, but that is where the similarities end. Pounds are government run and funded. These are paid for by your hand earned money to keep the dogs away from the public, there are in every country.

These places are very similar to holding cells for people, concrete cells, with basic facilities, often outside. Dogs will end up in them when they have dared to get near the human population, and are considered strays. The dogs are then tagged, numbered, and put up for adoption or killed, depending on temperament.

Again this happens in every country, so please dont think it does not happen in the UK. You can adopt from a pound at any time, just walk in, do some paperwork, and walk out, no assessments, no checks, no care. Rescues are nothing like pounds, we take in a huge number of different cases not just strays, and spend longer assessing and prepping dogs for adoption.

A good rescue will ensure that everything is done to the dog from vaccinations, to major surgery if needed. All of this is paid for by donations, which is why rescues spend most of their time begging, and borrowing. This is also why an adoption fee is often asked for, although it rarely covers what was actually spent.

A good rescue will also spend time asking a million questions, and you may think these are pointless, however, there is logic. These questions give an insight into your life, and what type of home you may be offering. Many people think that rescues should be grateful that they are adopting, and that they are saving the dog.

In fact the dog has already been saved, and is no longer unwanted, it is simply waiting for the right home. If you cannot be bothered to answer the questions, pay the fee, or do what the rescue asks to adopt one of their dogs, then you are better off going to a pound. Once you have picked your unwanted, terrified, un vaccinated matted, dirty furball and nurtured him back to health at a great expense, you may not think rescuers are asking too much.

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