Friday 31 August 2018

Making a Choice!

For many years I have believed that men make decisions with their willies, and this week I think I was proved right! We had a dog returned that was adopted over a year ago, never had a bad word said against the dog, every update was positive, no issues. Why was it returned, ahhh well there was a new girlfriend!!

A random woman messaged me about returning a dog, stating the dog was aggressive, with extreme bad behavior. Everything about the message was off, the tone in the message, the statements that were made, and the fact I had no idea who she was.

So, after some questioning it came about that she had not adopted the dog, her new boyfriend had, over a year ago. I asked who the dog was, and she told me, which shocked me regarding the behavior claims, as he was a lovely, friendly little dog with no issues at all.

I asked for the boyfriend to message, to see if we could get to the bottom of this, but I already knew what the actual issue was. This guy was obviously thinking with his willy, as the new girlfriend blatantly did not want the dog. How very sad that a dog gets tossed because you want to get your leg over. Wonder if he would do the same if kids were involved?

He banged on about "other" reasons, that he was devastated, that it was the right decision... hmmm for who? because trust me this little dog didn't think it was the right decision. So, the dog was dropped off to the UK team for them to pick up the pieces. Off went the guy, back to his new girlfriend who must be amazing in bed, as she certainly has no other qualities. As the moment you state " me or the dog" you really are a lower form of life!

Saturday 25 August 2018

Read The Advert

When I post on FB I make sure that all information is there, as it is a waste of mine and other people's time if they cannot find basic information out about a dog. So, in the first line there is the dogs name, sex and age in capital letters. Under that it is repeated, then a description of the dog, then the information regarding what the dog has had done.

Then, why do I have at least 10 messages a day asking me the age of a dog, or if it has been neutered. Can people not read? or simply do not read properly, and it isn't just me. A foster mum did an advert the other day for some puppies, she wrote that they POO WEE and CHEW, a woman then attacked her for a bad choice of names.

I kid you not, the woman had not read the advert and thought that these were the puppies names.
On so many levels this was the most stupid thing I have ever seen. Firstly there are five puppies, so what we didn't name two of them? secondly if she had read the advert correctly she would have seen this was actually a description of what they do, there was no mention of being called that.

The woman didn't even want a puppy, yet another troll jumping on a post without actually taking the time to read the post. Do these people have nothing better to do than trawl FB finding posts, and writing crap. I urge these people, please go and get a life, find an activity away from the screen, get some fresh air, and learn to read!

Wednesday 22 August 2018

Teaching The Vet

I have Spanish vets, and when I first working with them they could speak very few English words. This had to change, and of course I wanted to teach them only the best, most useful words that they would use every day. I decided every time I saw them I would teach them a new word.

Now, I'm Irish, so I swear a lot, "fuck" falls out of my mouth very easily, so it was one of the first words my vet learnt. Quickly followed by "twat" "REALLY" and " for fuck sakes" ok thats more than one word, but you are getting the pattern. I couldn't ever be an English teacher!

As much as I teach them words, there are words that they try and say on their own, and of course they say the word wrong, which usually causes a laugh. Sheep was the perfect example, the vet said "ship" I was like nooooooo you have to say "sheep" he repeated "ship" so there is me and a vet in the clinic going "shhhhheeeeeeepppppppp"  with sheep mastered we moved on, as obviously he is going to use that daily NOT

There is one word that the vet used that stopped me in my tracks, and I actually spun round and went "pardon" We were discussing my ever growing bill,  when he looked up and said " Louise, your a cu*t" I was like helloooo that is a bit harsh, I know I owe you money but come on.

He saw my face, and repeated " Louise, your a cu*t", again "pardon" and he said am I saying it right "your a cu*t" this carried on for at least another 3 times, I then asked why? he looked confused, and I asked what was he trying to say ... the penny then dropped.

My ACCOUNT, he was trying to say ACCOUNT, not that I was a cu*t although many people may disagree. I explained that in English that was a bad word, really bad, and he must never ever say it to another English speaking person. So, we practiced "BILL" I thought we had cracked it, but the other day after many months, and no mention of me being a "cu*t" he sat at his desk and said those immortal words ..... "louise your a cu*t" ... I just smiled and said yes mr vet

Monday 20 August 2018

He Just Wants To Leave

I saw a post on FB the other day from a "so called rescue" slagging off the Spanish guy that I had helped in the past. It claimed he had taken more dogs, they were all starving, the cats were out of control. 

Now this shocked me, as I know this guy, I have kept in contact with him since operation catch a cat, and he is honestly a lovely guy. So, I messaged the group and asked if they had actually been to his finca, or was it typical he says she says. They stated they had been, and it was all soooooooo awful. 

I messaged the guy and asked if I could come and see the dogs he had left, and of course he welcomed me with open arms, everything was the same, clean, well fed animals, just too many. The cats looked great, well fed, no more kittens, and the dogs had not increased in numbers. They had not decreased either, which is so frustrating. 

I spoke with him, and he explained he had been offered a job on another island, but he could not leave the dogs. He had asked every Spanish organisation to help, all they had done is post on FB, none had actually helped. He wanted to rehome them, so he could leave, his kindness towards these abandoned animals, had now trapped him on the island. 

I agreed to take another two dogs, should I have.... nope I am SATURATED, however, I feel for this guy, he never asked for these dogs, he simply cared. No one is helping him, if every organisation simply took one dog, then he could leave. 

He has 14 dogs left, which is still a huge number, and sadly of course they are all big... black... male... not overly friendly. I have promised him I will help him to the end, so whether it breaks me I will help him, as I always keep my promises.


Wednesday 15 August 2018

Why Are You Here?

I had a little mini rant on FB he other day, although I thought it was justified, but it seems some thought it was rude. It also prompted a question, which I was really curious about, why are you here? I have nearly 7500 people that follow my page on FB, and only a small proportion of them donate, therefore, why are the rest following?

Now, this was not a dig about not donating, as I understand not everyone can, or in fact want to donate money. Some adopt, some share, some volunteer, others are simply on my page to be nosey and stalk. Regardless of your reason, I never understand people that then feel that it is all about them, and do a huge post about leaving the page as they felt I was rude.

If you cannot afford to donate then great, share the posts, or simply hang around for the ride, but don't whinge about my posts. If you do follow the page because you like what is on there, then you would know what my posts are like. However, I do feel that asking for 1€ a month is not much to ask..... is it?

I have to beg for donations, I have to go on the page and get the begging bowl out many many times, imagine if everyone donated just 1€ that would stop my begging, and achieve so much. Yet, I get slammed for asking for that 1€...... look at it this way, donate that 1€ and you will shut me up.

Saturday 11 August 2018

No Dogs On The Bed!

I am quite chilled where my own dogs are concerned, however, there is one strict rule, which is no dogs on the bed. This is due to several factors, including the sheer number we have when you have 10 dogs, several very large ones, it is not possible to share a bed. Also it is one of the few places in my life that doesn't actually stink of dog, and I like to keep it that way.

One of my Yorkie's does sneak on the end of the bed occasionally, until I do the roll and kick motion, which typically launches him across the room. I am a wriggler when I am asleep, which results in the cats being launched often, as they try and get comfy on me, and I move, wriggle, roll, and repeat.

So, overall the bed is relatively clear, which is great, one safe place to get comfy without an animal.

Until..... Cinders the poorly puppy arrived, now Cinder's has no idea of rules, or personal space. She manages to get on the bed without anyone noticing, and I often wake to find her staring at me.

Now due to the fact she is poorly, I sort of let it go, but she is growing, and is now taking up a chunk of the bed. The moment I sit or lay on the bed, she is there, like my shadow.

I'm hoping when she is feeling better to be tougher on her, however, I doubt it as she has an ability to do huge puppy eyes, which are so pathetic and needy. I apologize in advance to whoever adopts her, as she will expect to be on the bed every time you are!

Tuesday 7 August 2018

Removing Ticks!

It seems there is a heat wave in the UK AKA summer to the rest of us, and this has caused ticks to have a party and spread causing mass hysteria. A bit like the sunshine, we deal with ticks daily here, there are hundreds, we never get the one lonesome one like in the UK, if a dog has ticks, it has a whole town living on it. 

Removing them is simple, and I honestly never understand why people rush their dog off to the vet, for him to remove. All you are doing is allowing the vet to go ... Kerching as he charges you a stupid amount for something that you can do at home. Here is my guide to removing a tick successfully,  and by success I mean that I am still alive, I did not suffer any emotional or mental trauma from the process. 

1. Take several deep breaths, look your dog in the eye, and prepare yourself for this life saving procedure. Remember YOU (not the bug) are in charge. 

2. Part your dogs hair so you can see the tick clearly, at this point your eyes may burn, skin crawl, heart race, and stomach juices churn, a bit like if you were being chased by a HUGE spider. This is all normal, and will pass, if you need to , step back and take a few deep breaths to calm yourself. 

3. Grab the tick with the tweezers (did I mention you need a pair) right at the base, as close to your dogs skin as possible.
You will not hurt your dog, the tick well you are about to drown it so you should be past caring to be honest.  Gently remove the tick, you don't want to squash its head. 

4. Take a deep breath, believe in yourself, you can do this, you are a warrior, a ninja tick removing warrior. using a firm, swift motion, pull the tick up, and out of your dog. At the moment of release, you will look down and realize that you are holding a disgusting live tick. DO NOT fling the live tick away from you in disgust (you will want to, but you must resist the urge) 

5. With a steady hand you must kill the tick, flushing down the toilet is an option, or drowning in alcohol, however, some consider that to be a waste. Wash your hands, and praise your dog for being as brave as you. Although, you were far braver, you were a tick removing god. Pour yourself a glass of wine, and relax for the rest of the day recovering from your experience. 

On a serious note, checking your dog for ticks is important, however, it is not a huge task to remove them. Once you have done it a few times you will have the confidence that it is simple, and will save you money. 

Thursday 2 August 2018

Is It From England?

Adopting a dog is a huge decision, and one that needs research and patience, therefore, I understand people doing their homework. However, what I don't understand is people dismissing a dog because it came from abroad. Regardless of where the dog originated from, surely it deserves a chance?

We never hide the fact where our dogs come from, GC is even in our name, therefore, with a bit of research you will soon discover that the dogs are not from the UK. If you do not want to adopt from a foreign rescue, no problem, walk away, however, don't be abusive about the fact.

Our foster home sin the UK use a number of different online platforms to advertise the dogs, and get them homes, and it is shocking just how many people have become what can only be described as animal racist. Some people only want a dog if it is "English"

The moment they discover that the dog is in fact from abroad, they get all defensive, and start with the crap.  Some of the worst things said are:

" it wont understand me, I speak English"
" im British, so I want a dog like me"
" we are over run with immigrants, don't need immigrant dogs as well"

Notice there is a pattern here, What does it matter where the dog comes from, all charities, and rehoming places need adoptions. However, if you are going to judge my dogs because of where they were born, I don;t want you to adopt one of my dogs anyway!