Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Why Are You Here?

I had a little mini rant on FB he other day, although I thought it was justified, but it seems some thought it was rude. It also prompted a question, which I was really curious about, why are you here? I have nearly 7500 people that follow my page on FB, and only a small proportion of them donate, therefore, why are the rest following?

Now, this was not a dig about not donating, as I understand not everyone can, or in fact want to donate money. Some adopt, some share, some volunteer, others are simply on my page to be nosey and stalk. Regardless of your reason, I never understand people that then feel that it is all about them, and do a huge post about leaving the page as they felt I was rude.

If you cannot afford to donate then great, share the posts, or simply hang around for the ride, but don't whinge about my posts. If you do follow the page because you like what is on there, then you would know what my posts are like. However, I do feel that asking for 1€ a month is not much to ask..... is it?

I have to beg for donations, I have to go on the page and get the begging bowl out many many times, imagine if everyone donated just 1€ that would stop my begging, and achieve so much. Yet, I get slammed for asking for that 1€...... look at it this way, donate that 1€ and you will shut me up.

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  1. I've said it before, if I, a pensioner, can afford to donate every month thrn so can the rest of you!!! Some times it's just 1 Euro, sometimes it's 5 but it's something.