Friday, 31 August 2018

Making a Choice!

For many years I have believed that men make decisions with their willies, and this week I think I was proved right! We had a dog returned that was adopted over a year ago, never had a bad word said against the dog, every update was positive, no issues. Why was it returned, ahhh well there was a new girlfriend!!

A random woman messaged me about returning a dog, stating the dog was aggressive, with extreme bad behavior. Everything about the message was off, the tone in the message, the statements that were made, and the fact I had no idea who she was.

So, after some questioning it came about that she had not adopted the dog, her new boyfriend had, over a year ago. I asked who the dog was, and she told me, which shocked me regarding the behavior claims, as he was a lovely, friendly little dog with no issues at all.

I asked for the boyfriend to message, to see if we could get to the bottom of this, but I already knew what the actual issue was. This guy was obviously thinking with his willy, as the new girlfriend blatantly did not want the dog. How very sad that a dog gets tossed because you want to get your leg over. Wonder if he would do the same if kids were involved?

He banged on about "other" reasons, that he was devastated, that it was the right decision... hmmm for who? because trust me this little dog didn't think it was the right decision. So, the dog was dropped off to the UK team for them to pick up the pieces. Off went the guy, back to his new girlfriend who must be amazing in bed, as she certainly has no other qualities. As the moment you state " me or the dog" you really are a lower form of life!

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