Friday 25 May 2018

I Wasn't Ready To Say Goodbye!

She came into my life nearly eight years ago, I cannot remember the exact date, but she was found in a barranco, with a broken tail. She was a tiny kitten, with the biggest eyes, and she soon became my shadow. Midget as she was christened, was an accident prone cat and she had many accidents, but always bounced back.

Over the years on top of the broken tail, she was hit by a car which resulted in broken hips, was poisoned, attacked by a dog, and fell numerous times. Every trip to the vet was met with a comment of she may not pull through but she did.

Midget was never too far away, she would end up in my car, and follow me everywhere, she would sneak under the covers at night and ensure she had the best place in the bed.
 We all joked how her lives were running out, but I didn't expect them to run out just yet. Last week she was hit by a car on the road outside our property, broken hips again, and emergency surgery was performed. The op was a success, however, she had changed, she seemed to not recognise me, or the fact the legs belonged to her. She refused to move, and had developed a twitch. 

The vets told me what I dreaded that the car had hit her head as well, and she had swelling on the brain. He said there was little hope for improvement, but as I clung to my cat in the vets I asked him to try, I wasnt ready to say goodbye. 

 He packed me off home with meds, and told me to try, I had faith that she could get better, she had every other time. As I lay on the sofa with her, she had given up, she would not even lift her head, or acknowledge I was there. I still wanted to try, I googled treatments, and told her that she could fight this, and be a unique cat. 

That night I placed her in her bed, kissed her goodnight... little did I know that would be the last time I did that. An hour later I went to check on her, she had gone... she had decided that she didn't want to fight..... I picked her up wrapped in her blanket, and sat with her. I didn't want to admit she was gone, I couldn't believe my beautiful cat had given up..... 

 Goodbye my crazy friend <3

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  1. I'm sorry for your loss! I know how you feel. And I think no one is ready in this situation, and no once can accept the loss of our fur baby. After the pet cremation seattle wa I don't know where to start and I can say my life started to broken because I really can't accept her loss.