Sunday, 27 May 2018

Canarian Logic and Engineering!

Back in February when we had the really bad storms, one of the main access roads to our mountain collapsed into someones drive. Overnight the route to and from us, and other finca's was cut off, resulting in either a 30 minute diversion, or a very bumpy, annoying drive though a barranco. The road closure cut off a whole village, therefore, we all presumed the repairs would be done quickly. OH! how wrong we were....

Initially everyone passed each other in the barranco with a cheery wave, and a smile, but recently the expressions were of anger, and annoyance. Everyone was fed up, the cars were dirty, dusty, and would soon need repairs from the 10 minute journey along basically a very old dirt track. The locals would stop to chat blocking the whole thing, and tempers begun to fray.

Then we heard a rumour, the digger arrived, we were all filled with hope, and the Chinese whispers begun that the road was being fixed. Workmen appeared, and phones lit up with news that the road was repaired.... praise the lord..... however, repaired is not quite true, they have in fact dug into the mountain, made the road wider, put barriers up on the broken bit and opened the road.

I cannot work out if it is genius, or pure madness, but either way I don't care, there is road, a real road, with no rocks, and no extra time added to my journey. So long live the Canarian logic and engineering! 

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