Thursday 21 December 2017


Well finally the day came, the day we had all been waiting for, the day that we had delayed, and asked to be done in between transports, and vets and pounds, and life. Finally, fatty popped and we have a baby. The timing was perfect, as there was nothing big booked in, and we praise the lord he was not a Christmas baby.

Anyone that knows us, knows how hectic we are, everything has to be done on time, on a certain day, with planning, and this included the birth. So many times fatty was told " oh just wait until after this day" or " don't you dare go into labour on transport days" in fact we were running out of "good" days to have a birth!

Like clockwork though he started to make an appearance on a day when it suited everyone, and right up until he made an appearance we were sorting dog issues, and in fact straight after fatty was on the phone trying to sort another problem. The staff thought we were insane, as does everyone but this is our life, and we think it is the norm.

So, whilst sitting in materno today, we were working out vets visits, and discussing, how to fit cages, and car seat in my car. What we do is unique, and this baby has to fit in with what we do, our life goes on. We thank him for the perfect timing though....