Thursday 28 December 2017


Apollo is one of our forgotten dogs...... he has been with us over two years in fact 752 days in total, and what is sadder Apollo was found as an 8 week old pup. As I drove home one day I saw a pup wandering along the road, dehydrated, and lost.
So, I scooped him up popped him in my car, and that is where Apollo's journey begun. I never thought for one moment that he would still be with us two long years later. Yes he is a Bardino, and yes he is big, but come on guys NO ONE has ever asked about him.

Apollo is so gentle, and funny, and is great with all the other dogs, he has seen so many come and go that he has to be good with dogs really. How sad though that he has never been in a home, or had cuddles on sofa's or been for long walks.

There has to be someone out there for Apollo....... come on people lets get Apollo a home! 

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