Saturday 2 December 2017

One Brave Vet and a Bottle of Sedative

Horses need their teeth checked, and often floated, and all our horses have their teeth routinely checked by the vet. This is something that takes time, effort, and in magics case sedative. My vet is excellent, he is not afraid of any of the horses, however, he is also not stupid. Magic loves his teeth, and he loves showing everyone that comes to the property the damage he can inflict with them.

So, first things first, you have to get close enough to Magic to actually inject him with the sedative. Thankfully magic loves food, therefore, he can be distracted easily, and voile, one horse injected with enough to bring down an elephant, but my animals can never just do anything easily.

Magic decides, he wants to fight the sedative, and wobbles, and lunges, but thankfully we are faster.
Head gear on, and the vet can begin, although Magic is very sleepy, we both know that at any moment he can react, head butt us and seek revenge.

Even sedated, the vet is far braver than me, as I would not stick my hands in Magic's mouth. Thankfully his teeth did not need rasping, and we could wake the nutter up. As he came round, he did have a look of death that he would seek revenge on us both at any given time in the future. 

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