Sunday 24 December 2017

Ignorance is Bliss!

I am sure there are signs along my road that state stupid people please come and visit, as I do seem to attract them. I ponder if it is just animal subjects that they are incredibly stupid about or all matters in life. I have no tolerance for stupid people, in fact I have very little tolerance for people, so combine the two and well it is a recipe for disaster.

Someone came to see me the other day, she brought dog food... thank you... then she said "wow you have a lot of animals, real animals" I replied with "Errr yeah, plastic ones are so last season"  People are often drawn tot he ducks, and it is where people tend to wander, well either there, or towards magic, like a moth to a very vicious flame.

The conversation then went down hill very quickly....

"wow you have ducks"
"yep loads"
"are they going to have babies"
"ducklings... probably"
"wow isnt that duck huge"
"yes, we thought she was female, but she is male, however, she is still called jessica, due to everyone knowing her/he as that"
"maybe she is pregnant, that is why she is so huge"
"errr yeah but she is a he, so not happening, and ducks lay eggs"
" yes, I know but they have to have babies, to lay eggs"

Why, does the basic knowledge of animal reproduction always come into every conversation, and how do people not know the basics. It actually scares me to think there is a whole generation of people that have no idea what has babes, and what hatches!

At this point, I was pushing her out of the gates, and wanted stupid world to end, so with a smile, I said "yes, she is pregnant, she is expecting 25 babies that is why she is so big, we are hoping for an easy water birth in the pond" I promptly kicked the gates shut, and walked off muttering, thank the lord, my children are intelligent.

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