Friday 8 December 2017

French Bulldog Frenzy

I know I have blogged about French Bulldogs before, but I do not get it, sorry guys, but why do they cause such a frenzy. The speed people comment on the photos of new ones amazes me, and they do it without any information regarding the dog. I picked up a new FBD yesterday posted it on the page, and one photo. No information, no details, yet by the time I had driven home, there had been 32 comments, and 17 messages.

Now I get people like the breed, well actually I don't get why as they sound like pigs, and a huge proportion of them are arseholes. However, each to their own, yet why such a frenzy to get your hands on one. I get so many stupid posts, and messages that I do wonder the type of people that want these dogs.

I got so many " I will take this dog" comments yesterday that in the end I ignored everyone, who applies for ANY dog with the line "I will take this dog" With no information, age, sex, behavior, are they that popular that people simply don't care as long as they have a FBD. I think the craziness that surrounds this breed will always go over my head.

So, for now I will ignore all the idiots, filter all the possibilities, and spend the day replying with " he is not up for adoption yet, but when he is all of the information will be on his album"

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