Saturday 16 December 2017

Eddie and Mia

Eddie and Mia came to us on the same day, back in June 2016...... meaning they has been with us 540 days. They are poundies 116 and 117 meaning that they has watched over 500 dogs come into the kennels, and be rehomed before them....

Eddie is a small fox terrier mix, just he can be a twat but cant all dogs, but deep down he is just a loving dog that is bored of the kennels.

Mia is a medium sized mix dog, nothing special, nothing bad, again bored of the kennels.

Both of these dogs, wake up in a cage, and go to sleep in a cage, they have bedding, cuddles, and food, but they need more.

Surely there is someone out there for them?


  1. I’ve just asked permission to get a dog as I’m in a rental property and if they say yes I would definitely be interested in Eddie if he would be ok with a cat and an 11 year old child? X

    1. That's fantastic. Can you pm Petpals GC direct. Good luck. Xx