Monday 19 March 2018

Do The Rabbits Lay Eggs?

The stupidity of some people never cease to amaze me, and at this time of year the questions pop up regarding Easter eggs and bunnies. Semana Santa is now all about the chocolate, and people rush to buy their eggs and chocolate bunnies. A few people rush out to buy live bunnies which is a huge no no in my eyes, as I usually end up with them once children get bored, which on average is 3 days!

When buying the bunnies the parents show their total ignorance, by often asking if they lay eggs, it may sound stupid and you would think that it was crazy to think this but a staggering 10,000 people a month search this question in Google. The fact it is such a high number would show that people really do not know that bunnies do not lay eggs.

I would love to be shocked by this, but last year a survey was done proving that a large amount of people thought chocolate milk came from brown cows. I think that is actually more shocking than the bunnies.

For those people who are still confused, and wonder why we have an Easter Bunny, yet it doesn't lay eggs I will explain. The whole thing came from a Pagan tradition of spring, where the goddess of spring Eastre appeared after the long harsh winter, and turned a frozen bird into a snow hare. This hare was able to lay beautiful colourful eggs.

Due to a rabbits ability to reproduce rapidly it became the symbol for spring and Easter, however, I am still as confused with the connection of bunnies and eggs, but hey at least I know where chocolate milk comes from!

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