Saturday 3 March 2018

It Didn't Happen Overnight

Over the years I have seen many things, and embedded collars is something that make me shudder, as the moment you start to peel the collar away from the flesh, you know that didn't happen overnight. The worst ones I feel are chains used as a collar, the fact that the skin has grown over the chain, which has become rusty causes huge infections.

I hate the people that stand in front of you whilst you are peeling away the flesh, and state, "it wasn't like that last week" "I never noticed it" How? how did you not notice that your dog was in pain, that they could not move their neck properly, or the smell fro the infection.

This is Millie she had been chained up all her life, one small piece of chain around her neck, attached to a longer chain. Her life was miserable, she was unloved, and uncared for.

The reason so many owners don;t notice that their dog is in so much pain, is that that simply don't care. They chain them up and walk away, push food and water towards them when they remember.

These dogs receive no love, no attention, therefore, the owner does not even notice. The collar or chain gets tighter, the dog suffers and the owner is oblivious.

The question I ask these owners all the time is why? Why have a dog if you don't care enough to check the chains/collars. Why have a dog that you have such little interaction with that you did not even notice.

Thankfully Millie recovered from her injuries, and is now in a lovely home, sadly many are not so lucky, and die from the infection caused by the embedded item.

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  1. My wee gorgeous Ginger still has her bald patch xx so sad