Friday, 16 March 2018


People often ask if I ever get a holiday and the simple answer is nope... I do manage the odd day, or even a weekend, but any more than that is simply impossible. I look at peoples photos of their holidays, and think oh that would be nice, and then come crashing back to earth when I think about the logistics.

All of our fears were proved right last year, we planned a family holiday, which NEVER happens, we booked to go to New York for 4 days and truly wished we hadn't. People often offer to look after my place, but really they are simply being polite. To be honest no one can cope with this lot, and that is not me being pig headed, it is true.

However, I managed to convince Miss H to come and stay with a 40 page to do manual and many days of run through's we thought we were prepared. How wrong could we be, as animals have a sense when something is different, and you can guarantee they will play up. Now Miss H is perfectly capable of looking after all my animals, but you have to think I know them inside out, and know everything about my property.

We boarded the plane, and I felt sick, I was walking away from everything with no phone signal for hours! The whole flight I stressed, I wondered how everything was, and ran through every disaster possible, what I didn't predict was the massive storm in New York, and the snow! The storm was the worst in years and cutting a long story short we got stuck!

I was in a country I had grown to hate, wanting to go home as there had been problems, with no way of achieving this, Miss H did an amazing job, but things had happened that had panicked her, and although we would take it in our stride, she was overwhelmed. I just wanted to go home...... which took longer than we thought.

As I walked through the gates, Miss H looked exhausted, and vowed never to offer again, she did say she had a greater appreciation of why I am in bed by 9pm, and always tired. Being a control freak means that no one will ever do things your way, or up to your standard. So, it took me days to find buckets, and brooms that had been moved. I came back stating no more holidays as they were just too much hassle.

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