Thursday, 29 March 2018

Grab The Safety Gear!

Spring is here which means we have chicken nuggets being hatched left right and centre, which is great apart from the random places they are hatched. Typically they appear in the most stupid of places, and this means mum and nuggets have to be moved. Now this may seem like an easy task, however, you never approach a mother hen without full safety gear.

Chickens are incredibly protective, and can do high kung foo lungs at you at any given moment, and it amazes me how vicious they become. I am not afraid of many things (apart from the dark and zombies) but mother hens are fast and hurt!

Now this might sound pathetic, but give me a 40KG pit bull any day over a protective mother hen. they run at you and just as you think you are safe they leap in the air squwaking and flapping.

So my choices are to get full safety gear, including a shield and rake to move them, or ask hubby to move them as he has no fear, or is simply too crazy to care.

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