Sunday 25 March 2018

Someone Stole It ......

It is that awful time of year when the clocks move, in my world it is not a happy joyous time as everyone claims. People love spring as more daylight means happy times, for me it means longer days, and more to do. It also means that today will long, and difficult as all the animals think I am more crazy that normal.

Animals set their routine on two things, daylight, and humans, so when the daylight aspect changes, and the human appears earlier, this means they go all out of sync. Today will be spent with animals staring at me with looks of WTF are you doing here now. We have this wonderful decision of clock moving to blame on Benjamin Franklin, and right now I could happily slap him.

I am very much like my animals, therefore, I love routine, and hate change which is exactly what the stupid clocks moving is in my life. All the animals here have precise patterns, and we all work together, well most of the time.

Everything about today will be a chore, and I will need more coffee than usual to get me through. So, I warn everyone stay away today, and if you have to approach me do so with caution.

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