Monday, 30 October 2017

Bad Reviews

On our FB page we have a review section, and of course I get people that want to rant, and bad mouth me and my charity. Some people question why I leave the review section on there, as it opens me up to the idiots. However, I have no issue with getting bad reviews, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion in the world.

Review sections on pages allow people to have a little mini break down, it is their petty five minutes of fame. Most bad reviews get written after one too many glasses of wine, where the spelling is awful, and the person feels they have done their public service. The reality is, what is written has no relevance to adopting a dog, or my charity, just someone with nothing better to do on a Saturday night.

The person writing the review is simply having a mini tantrum, the review isn't about the dog, it is often about me, and my rudeness, lack of sympathy, and not giving them what they want. These people want to get attention, and when I dont give it to them, they do the " Ok then I will leave you a bad review"

I have considered if the "one star" rating affects my charity, and too be honest, I dont believe they do. If you adopt a dog because of the ratings, then you are adopting for the wrong reasons. So, for the woman who took three months after adoption to compose their one star rating review, and then got their friends to post too.

Sorry I didnt argue with you, but I had better things to be doing on a Sunday morning, such a shame you and your friends didn't as well. Life is far too short to write stupid reviews, if you have a real complaint we can discuss it, but ranting and writing are simply not a good idea!

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  1. We adopted Jack (was Bolto) in summer 2018 hes wonderful such a gorgeous dog what wonderful work you do we are so lucky to have him ☺