Tuesday 24 October 2017

We Will Take Them Back....

When you adopt a dog from me, it states clearly in the adoption contract we will take the dog back if you no longer want it anymore. It also states that if you abandon our dog, I will hunt you down and kill you, well no it states I will prosecute, but I wish it could say the first thing! Which bit of please get in touch with us do people not understand.

Returning a dog always causing me to go Oh fuck, mainly because it causes so much stress to the dog, but also it is a logistic nightmare, however, we will sort this out. Some people really try and give it a long time, but for so many reasons it is simply not a fit. Sadly then the dog has to come back, and it is found another home.

I must say that doesn't happen very often, but when it does and we all work together to get he dog the right home. These people I have time for, I can see that they have tried, and that they have contacted us for help. The people I don't understand are the ones that don't want the dog, and instead of contacting me they get their vet to kill the dog.

Firstly, you are a horrible person to agree to any vet killing one of our dogs for no reason, and secondly your vet would have broken every law as that dog is likely to still be chipped to me. So last week when I received the typical message of..... "my dog arrived, and my vet said it was emaciated, and should never have been let into the country" I replied with the standard, "your vet is a knob, the dog is underweight, but not emaciated, and all she needs is time, love and food"

Two days later I messaged to see how Piper was, to be told very flippantly, "oh my vet decided to let her go" I actually felt sick when I read that, please NEVER make it sound better when you kill a dog, you did not let it go you KILLED it. Why??? because some vet said it was the right thing to do. This woman did not ask me to take the dog, she did not ask for my help, she broke the contract, and the vet broke the law.

I asked her for the vets details she refused, I am taking this further, and the police have been informed. This woman and a vet killed my beautiful, happy dog, because she was unwell off transport. I let Piper down by trusting this woman when she told me she would care for her, All I can say is sorry Piper <3


  1. Grrrrrrrr so angry reading this!!! But Ginger and Rose were underweight when i adopted/fostered. The point is to give them stability and love to starts to flourish. Rose put on 5kg in 4 months and is the cheekiest and happiest wee dog. Ginger has put on 2kg in 7 weeks. These dogs are fragile and we need to be patient. Some people are dicks!!!!!!

  2. Many rescue dogs are underweight. Doesn’t mean they are so ill they need to be put down �� that’s disgusting and I hope you get justice for piper.

  3. That bloody vet should be struck off. I hope you're after them too as well as the bitch who paid to kill Piper.

  4. Are you joking ... just because it needed to gain weight omfg what a stupid women and that vet is a disgrace to his vocation. I hope you find out what went wrong ... i would need heads to roll preferably both of them and no more dogs for her.