About Me!

Hate these sections....

Ok,  Without boring the crap out of you I am a wife and mother, who had an insane idea a few years ago that I could change the world, and save as many animals as I could along the way.

I started out helping another animal organisation, but became frustrated when they would not see that so much more could be done on this island. I made the decision and the leap of faith to start my own Animal Charity, I found a plot of land moved my family to the middle of no where, and begun this journey.

Three years on, and we have achieved so much, I have been recognized as a legal registered animal charity in Spain. I have an amazing team both here and in the UK that help to rehome the dogs. I also opened a charity shop in 2016 which helps to pay the bills, which is run by a fantastic bunch of volunteers.... Shop info

We have many animals that live here, and will continue to do so until they die, they are happy, loved, and spoilt. The majority of the dogs are here to find homes and as fast as we rehome them, more come in.... at any given time there are 40=50 dogs here waiting and hoping.... Adopt Me

There is so much more to say about me...... and you will soon get to know me through the blog!