Saturday 26 August 2017

I Would Love to do What You Do!

As I sat today shaving yorkies with matted fur that have been left to sit in their own poo, until it clumps and sticks, I chuckled and thought why do people state they would love to do this. My partner in crime was helping me, and as we argued who was having the biting end, or the dog shit end, I smiled and thought do people actually understand what we do!

So many times I am messaged with a cheery "oh I would love to do what you do" and I think REALLY..... What do people think I do?

because if I could look in on one of my days there is no way I would want to do it! Take today....

Boiling hot AGAIN... so me and a huge number of animals are ratty, tired, and stink
Wood shaving delivery with one grumpy driver, who refuses to help off load
Dog catcher at the gates with yet ANOTHER DOG
Two of the new dogs from the pound, have taken a chunk out of me several times..... yes they are scared but come on!
One yorkie with shit clumps on arse which needs shaving, whilst trying to bite me at every moment
One yorkie that is so scared she bolts and heads face first into the water bowl, not sure if she is hot, or trying to drown herself.... life isnt that bad here
One scared dog that literally shits itself when I pick him up, so now hot, sweaty and covered in dog shit
Dogs all hot so decided to make a HUGE mud pit which is great apart from the jumpers want to share their mud
25 messages unanswered as no times, 7 voice notes from people who have messaged and not got an answer
4 shitty messages from people moaning at me that I have not answered them quick enough
Paperwork up to my ears
4 dogs that need collecting, releasing, and saving
Vets needs doing, but no time today so bumped to manana....
Scooped 2 chicken nuggets out of horse water where they fell in
Chased Igor around the property... why because its Igor..

I am sure there is so much more that happens that I just think is normal now..... and when I am exhausted, and had enough I fall into bed ready to repeat it all again manana.....

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  1. AND you write a blog with muddy, poo covered fingers as well. My hat off to you, Louise!