Wednesday 23 August 2017

What Breed Is It?

Being asked what breed a dog is, must be the most asked question I get, and although some would think this was logical, I sometimes think it is really stupid. Unless the breed is obvious, or they are  a full breed, we have to go with mix.  So, then I get asked, "well what mix?" so tempting to say.... lab x elephant.

Yes we can guess, but apart from that, no idea, and people still argue with me " well you must know"  why must I know? These dogs do not end up in the pound, or wandering the streets with a booklet attached telling us all their habits, breed info and vaccination history we get NADA.

The best one is when we have day old puppies, dumped in boxes, and people say "oh, what breed are they"

Typically I reply with "sorry the arsehole that threw them in the bin didnt write on the box and tell me"  how the hell do we know what breed they are, but on this island mix is going to be the answer.

Then you always get the expert, so you have a tiny puppy, smaller than your hand, weighing under 500G and someone says ...... oh they are going to be big, they look like pitbulls..... WTF do people not realize how big pups are when they born.

Small breed dogs are small, and big breed dogs are born bigger. Again depending on what mum had a fun night with will determine how big they grow, and on this island that can be anything,

So, when it says mix, what we actually mean is HAVE NO IDEA...... although I do try and classify every dog we have at the vets as Lab mix....

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  1. Makes me think of the time when my sister was introduced to a couple's new dog. They made a big thing of saying it was a 'crossbreed'. My dear sister said, 'oh yes, we used to have one of those - it was a mongrel!' I still smile at this memory as I love mongrels - or should I say crossbreeds!