Monday 14 August 2017

Chickens..... They Are So Easy to Keep NOT

Chickens are such simple creatures, you throw some corn on the floor, they lay eggs, you make money.... all so simple.... Yeah right! Oh my god chickens are time consuming, temperamental, money taking creatures.... but we love them! Regardless of the amount of time, effort, and money you put into chickens, if they do not want to lay, then they DONT

Chickens do have a really short laying lifespan, which is why the battery factories get rid of them, which is fine, I dont need eggs from all every day. However, you need to decide if you want expensive pets, that trip you up, shit everywhere, and wake you at all hours, or whether its time to make a chicken pie!

These lovely creatures are like vampires, they suck every last once of energy and time from your life, the hours you have to put into chickens is incredible. Leaving chickens alone to their own devices can lead to a full apocalypse. I am pretty sure that my chickens plot against me, and all huddle in corners planning their next move.

Chickens hate everything, sunshine, rain, snow, tees, other animals, and people, and everything that causes them distress means that they lay less. Therefore, before rushing out to get chickens, you need to think do you want an army of sneaky warriors, or to make money. If it is the later then sadly you will go insane trying as the chickens take over.

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