Thursday, 31 August 2017

Coping With Dementia!

Dementia is something that can happen to anyone at any time... don't worry its not me... but I do have a dog who suffers with dementia. Prince is one of my oldies, and to say he is a challenge is an understatement. Everyday is like groundhog day..... show him where to walk, show him where food, and water is, remind him of his name, and the next day repeat!

Basically Prince is like me, getting old and loopy, but thankfully just like me he loves routine, so as long as we keep everything the same it can be controlled. Even the smallest thing can set him off, and when he starts oh boy do we know it.

I'm guessing that is why his delightful owners dropped him off to the kill pound at the grand old age of 14.

I didn't know at the time that he had dogzheimers, it was only when we got him home, and the howling at the walls, and the walking into things started that we begun to realize.

Prince has days where he is great, he is with us, he knows his name, and responds to everything. Then there are other days where he is simply...... somewhere else.

Although Prince is a challenge usually at 3am when he is pacing, and howling, and you have to explain who he is. Some people struggle to understand this, and ask why we don't simply put him down.

This always amazes me, and I do ponder if they would simply put their granny down if she got old, and needed care. he is one of us, and he isn't going anywhere!

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