Friday, 1 September 2017

Asking For Money!

All I seem to do is ask for money, and although people must think I love it, in fact I hate asking. The problem is without the donations I cannot do what I do. Every few days at the moment I seem to be asking, but the reality is if I don't get donations there is no charity. The haters think I make millions, and that there is a huge pot of money the sad fact is I struggle every single day.

This month has been so hard, as during the summer months donations are slow, don't get me wrong the people that donate are amazing, but people have holidays and other things to spend on.  The shop is really quiet during the summer months, and the rent still has to be paid. We have had some serious cases come in, some big surgeries, and all of these find me sat in my office trying to push money from one place to another.

I am grateful for every single euro that comes in, and although you may not think it, but even 1 euro does help, as they all add up. On my main page I have 4898 followers which is amazing, imagine if every single one of them donated just 1 pound...... That would clear my vets every month, and help not to put me in an early grave with stress.

So, with Jacko just out of surgery, Destiny booked for Monday and five castrations to pay for next week, along with the feed, rent, electricity, and shop rent that is due, I am still hoping for that lotto win. Until then...... if you could donate 1 euro I would really appreciate it... Thank you :)

You can either paypal to sending as family and friends, or we get charged.

Spanish bank account:

ACC: 2100 6003 0002 0013 1820
IBAN: ES43 2100 6003 0002 0013 1820

 070116   40349444

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