Saturday 2 February 2019

Gracie Needs a Boot!

Gracie was an owner surrender, she had come from an abusive home, where the "man" of the house used to drop kick her across the room. After many years of this the woman who lived there saw sense and handed her over.

When Gracie arrived she had a strange walking position, and would often run with her leg in the air. Obviously there was more to this little dog than first thought, so off to the vets we went. The trauma her back leg had suffered was severe. She had a broken hip, which had been broken over and over, and then trapped the nerve.

Gracie just carried on, through the pain, and made the most of her life, she ran around, although it must have hurt, maybe she had learnt running away was the only way to survive. Gracie had surgery on her hips, and as always the vet did an amazing job, but years of carrying the leg up, meant it was now habit.

The vets have recommended a boot for Gracie, to help correct the strange walking position.  The boot cost a huge amount, but due to generous people on my page the money was raised, and the boot ordered. Next week Gracie goes for her boot fitting, and hopefully her rehabilitation can proceed.

Gracie is an amazing little dog that needs a chance of happiness, and as always I will go above and beyond to ensure that she has the best chance of regaining full use in her leg, and going on to a new home that will love her, care for her, and never use her as a football ever again. 

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  1. Oh God! Your little ones histories make me proper cry... how on earth can there be so much cruelty to animals in this dismal world! I would string the b****rds up by their b***s and give them a good beating, Eye for an eye and all that. Speedy recovery wished for all your little ones and happy homes wished for all xxxx