Thursday 11 January 2018

Stuck In Your Head

The huge number of dogs looking for homes and to be saved on FB is incredible, and there are days when you have to simply scroll past. If you stop and read every sob story it becomes absorbing, as you cannot save them all. I have a friend in tenerife who works with the non kill pound, and she like many will often ask me to help.

Now being a non kill pound, you would think it would be better, in fact I think it is worse. Dogs go there to simply sit, and rot, as they soon become forgotten. The place is soul destroying, and many of the dogs have simply give up. Mrs Mc posts photos and stories of many of the long term dogs, and I will look, and move on. However, a few days ago, I stopped I read, I scrolled past, and I went back.

As soon as I go back, then I am hooked, like a fish on a line, she had me, and as always she wasn't letting go. The photo that stopped me was of an old pointer, his eyes told a million stories, and many of them were not good. I didn't even read the full write up... god she waffles more than me! However, the fact this dog was 16 had been in that hell hole for 5 years, and was not being attacked was enough.

I knew I was going to help, but had to have somewhere for him to go, this is where my amazing UK team step in. One quick message to Mrs T and all was confirmed. She had agreed to foster this old guy, so off I went to call Mrs Mc and tell her the good news. So, one old pointer reserved, and then suddenly it hit me, NO FUNDS.

January is an awful month, low donations, and we struggle more than ever, so out comes the begging bowl. To get him from another island, prepped and over to the UK is approx 600€ which I simply don't have....

Can you help? My appeal is doing well, but we still need more to get this guy safe, and on a comfy sofa in the UK.

To Donate:

Paypal:       please send to family and friends or we receive the charges

ACC: 2100 6003 0002 0013 1820
IBAN: ES43 2100 6003 0002 0013 1820
UK bank account: MRS L BAKER NATIONWIDE 070116 40349444

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  1. I get my pension on Saturday. I can send a little bit then.