Monday 29 January 2018

Pound Pulling!

I was called a pound puller the other day, not in a well done, pat on the back way, more of a "is that all you do" sort of way. As I had not been called this bizarre name before, it made me stop and question why this is seen as a bad thing. Do I pull dogs from pounds, yep, but surely that is a good thing. 

Well, it seems not, as another "rescuer" spat the name at me in a shitty post, stating that was all I did, and maybe I should "rescue" The way I see it is if I am pulling dogs from a place they could potentially get killed or from starving on the streets I am rescuing them. Different situations, different reasons, however, same common ground. 

The pounds are full as ever, and this week alone we have had 15 dogs come in, another three due today, and one on Tuesday. Just under 20 dogs in one week, that is madness even by my standards. but hey they are safe, and will be going to new amazing homes at some point. Will I go grey, will I be broke, hell yes, but that is what rescue is all about. 

So, for the guy that made it sound bad that I "pound pull" go and concentrate on your own rescue, and leave me to run mine. As I am proud that I walk those cages and pull dogs to safety, and know that we are making a difference to so many lives. 

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