Monday 22 January 2018

Blackmarket Blood

Some of our dogs over the years have needed blood transfusions, and we have always been lucky enough to have other dogs that can donate the blood. To me this is the norm, and I have even seen other people appealing for doners. However, the other day I was shocked to learn that there are vets that sell bags of blood.

So, it is not traumatic enough that your dog is injured, but you have to hand over more money to a vet to give you the one thing that could save the dog. Blood is free, it comes from another animal, therefore, I think it is disgusting that a vet charges. Don't get me wrong I understand that the equipment needed for the transfusion needs to be paid for, but the actual blood wtf.

The vet charged a lady 100€ for the bag of blood, which she needed in a desperate situation, and he had one to hand. This made me think where does he get the blood from? Does he wait for dogs to come in for surgery, and then steal their blood. Which means that surely the owner of the dog should receive the money for the blood from their dog.

There are way too many things that do not seem right with this scenario, and needless to say it is a vet that I cannot stand, so I will be digging further. Also, I was thinking of suggesting to my vet if I provide the blood, and he sells it, we could make some extra money and get that vets bill down. Well it seems there is a market for black market bags of blood, so why not cash in.

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