Wednesday 3 January 2018

The Almighty Abortion Debate

I have fallen out with many people over daring to state that you can put a dog or cat through an abortion, and that I feel it is the right decision to make. Am I going to hell probably, however, I am going there knowing I helped to decrease the over whelming number of unwanted animals.

I hold my head in my hands when I see idiot rescues all over FB proudly announcing the birth of puppies from one of their dogs. Well done, we need more puppies in the world, and you are now going to be asking for more donations to support your new bundles of fun. Of course the puppies will be rehomed quickly, with no assurance that they will be steralised, therefore, causing a larger issue.

Abortion is an ethical debate, and many people believe that the dog or cat should be allowed to give birth, and then everyone will live happily ever after. Sadly many dogs die during labor, as there is no guarantee what is inside. The small cute 5kg bitch may have been impregnated by a large 25kg pitbull. It happens a lot, which means mum and pups are likely to die, surely it is better to abort, stop more puppies and save one dog?

So many people disagree though and as always this is a topic that could go on and on, and for many average people they could not make the decision. However, as rescues we are there to help with the bigger picture, to try and help with over population, sadly though there are far too many rescues that simply see the money, and cute newborn pups always get the donations flowing!

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