Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Is It Safe to go Back in The Water?

Our turtles are doing well, growing, terrorising the ducks on a daily basis, which is causing issues now that we have ducklings. I never knew that turtles were carnivores, and they like to make everyone aware that turtle pellets are not enough in their diet. We do feed them raw meat, which is odd, as you throw it in the pond to be greeted with just a small head that devours it.

The ducklings love the pond, with the innocence that they have no idea what is lurking beneath the water. The other day one found out... it happily swarm across the pond, back and forth, in little circles, showing off to its siblings. Then like the scene from jaws it went under, in one swift move the turtle obviously had the ducklings leg.

Now at this point it must have been thinking WTF, and kicking its little ducking legs in the turtles face. To me this would have been enough to let go, but noooo this turtle wanted lunch. As I watched the duckling bobbing up and down, trying to release its self from the turtle, I had two options, get in the stinking pond, or wait for the alarm to be sounded, I choose the later!

If you have ever been around ducks, and ducklings you will know that when in distress they make this very loud noise. It then summons all the other mum ducks to come and help, and there is nothing more pissed off than a Mama. so, from all corners ducks appeared and they had no fear of what was in the water.

They flew in pecked at the water, which obviously worked as the duckling was released to swim another day. The duckling swam off to the edge, and then bobbed his head, in a duck way to tell everyone what had happened. Will he care manana, nope, they will all get back in the water, one day the turtles will win, but for now the ducks are still firmly in charge,

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