Thursday 22 February 2018

Petra The Pointer!

Pointers aren't my favourite thing to be honest I consider them to be slightly stupid, however, some people love them.  They tend to find me, and I always shudder when they do as they are usually in a bad state so cannot leave them. Petra is a perfect example of this, as we could not leave her behind, even though we tried!

The rule is simple if we see a dog as we drive down the mountain, we leave it, unless of course it is in really bad condition. If the dog is still there as we come back up the mountain, we pick it up, regardless of the condition. So, one day driving down we saw a pointer with its head stuck in the bins, not too bad a condition, so we carried on.

As we returned the said stupid pointer, was now sat in the middle of the road, as if she knew we were returning. It was then I noticed her neck was dripping blood and was very saggy, and thought she had caught it on something. She was called stupid again as she bounded into my car, and looked very pleased with herself.

 Petra did nothing wrong in the kennels she was just "special" She loved people and everything about them. Thinking that being close would win her points, when in fact I actually like my own personal space thanks.

When I took her to the to the vet to have her neck checked he told me it was from a meat hook, yep I asked him to repeat that just to make sure that was what he was saying. It seems very common here for hunters and farmers to hang their dogs by hooks to "control" and "train" them. I was shocked, why the hell would a dopey dog like Petra need controlling.

Petra was with us some time, and continued to be her loving, OTT dopey self, pushing personal space boundaries, and over loving everyone.

Finally Petra was chosen by a lovely lady in somerset, and I'm not going to lie I did a happy dance. I wouldn't be leapt on anymore. Thanks to Petra her new mum and I became friends, and she is now one of our UK foster mums. Petra wandered into my life for a reason, and although she may act stupid, she helped to bring Mrs T and I together! 

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