Thursday 1 February 2018

Sheep 1 Louise 0

Working with animals I expect to receive the odd bump, bruise, and even bite, and over the years I have received many. Although you may think that the dogs would cause the most injuries, in fact it is the sheep. I can always sense when the dogs are about to bite, but the rams, are a different matter, they are 100% unpredictable.

These powerful animals, can pretend to be your friend, and then prepare to kill you all in the same moment. I always thought they moved slowly, until I have to run away from one, then OMG they can move.
Excuse my VERY white leg!

The injuries they cause are typically from me running, and tripping over things, however, the odd occasion when they have caught up with me, I have paid the price.

The rams have the ability to hook their horns, around your leg, and flip you over, which I must say is clever, but hurts like hell.
 The other day the sheep had escaped, as I rounded the corner we locked eyes, Harry ran, I ran, slipped and bashed my head against the wall... OMFG did it hurt.... resulting in one beautiful black eye, and huge lump on my head. Thanks for that Harry. This is why my sheep are used to guard the property at night, due to the fact I would face off to any size dog, but give me a sheep, and I will run for the hills. 

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