Friday, 8 September 2017

Where Would You Like Me To Stick It?

We travel a lot with the dogs, so we know the drill, we know where to go, where to sit, and we also know how bloody uncomfortable it is going to be. Although airlines, state you can travel with animals in the cabin, and state an 8kg dog, in a airline approved bag what they mean is a 1kg dog, in a teeny bag.

We transport our cabin dogs in airline approved dog rucksacks, this gives them plenty of room, we can wheel them around making it better for us and the dog.

However, they are quite large, so when it comes to getting on the plane, this is when the fun begins. Anyone who travels will know that attempting to get comfortable on a plane is impossible. The seats are designed to provide the least amount of comfort, and certainly not fit more than you in them.

Many times there is no one sitting next to you when you have animals which is great, as the dog goes on the floor next to you, taking up the whole floor space. When the plane is full, this is when the fun begins, So, there is me all 6ft of me, one handbag and a dog rucksack to cram into the seat.

Handbag under seat in front, knees up against the seat in front as that is how I have to travel, praying the guy in front doesn't whack his seat back. and very large, heavy dog bag and dog on lap.

 Is this allowed nope, and the stewardess, always walks past, stops, tuts, and says "madam, your dog needs to go on the floor" With which I reply sweetly "where would you like me to stick it as there is no room" You can physically not fit the bag on the floor and your legs. Slight design fault there airline.

Nothing about the next 2.5 hours of my life is pleasant, the bag gets heavier, the guy in front always tries to put his seat back, but of course he cant because the bag is there, so he moans, and mutters. the person sitting next to you often has a look of horror that you have an animal on the plane, and treat you as if you have toxic waste on board.

Then because the bag is pushing on your bladder, the need to pee is an issue, but you cannot move, not even an inch for the whole flight. You cant sleep, due to the muttering, the bag, the need to pee, so you sit and stare at the dog fast asleep in the bag, thinking ..... rescue animals they said.... it would be fun they said....