Monday 18 September 2017

What Would You Do For Money?

As I sit with my head in my hands pondering how I am going to pay the vets bill next week, I do consider selling a kidney or a child. However, it seems these days rescues are breeding their own animals and selling them to make money! I kid you not.... Two in less than a week have popped up proudly selling puppies and kittens to fund their rescues!

WTF..... surely this goes against everything we do? Am I missing something? Are we not supposed to be sterilizing animals, so there are not more in the world? Surely breeding from them, is just wrong, please tell me I am right! So one rescue proudly saved a male dog... then a female dog.... and of course the next thing you think they would do is breed from them...

No matter how many times I read it, I am still in shock! 

Then there is the rescue that proudly posted earlier how they have bred from their cat, to sell the kittens to rescue dogs..... Sorry again that is WRONG! How can anyone stand there proudly flogging kittens and puppies, and then ask people to support their rescue.  Maybe I am wrong and this is a good thing to do....... nope sorry its a crappy thing to do! 

1 comment:

  1. WHAT THE FUCK is going on in there minds!!!! Have they sat back and thought of whst they're doing? Is there a fb page or website we can go on to tell these people how cretinous their actions are, won't say where I got the information.