Friday 15 September 2017

There is Simply No Place For Ego's

Animal rescue is about the animals not you! - this statement seems obvious enough, however, too many people want the glory, the pats on the backs and the gold stars. REALLY .... if that is why you do this, then you are doing the wrong thing. I can honestly say hand on heart I do not do this for the well dones, and the you are amazing speeches, I do this to save lives.

I run a very successful rescue, and I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved, but I dont need to shout about it from the roof tops. Far too many rescues, spend all their time writing and posting about how much they have done, and waiting for the "OMG you are amazing" posts. My rescue is a success because I dont care what people about me, I care about the animals.

My rescue is also a success because I live it, breathe it, and make sure I am involved with every single part of it. For me this is not a hobby, this is serious, and I take it very seriously, as it is me that has to answer the questions when it goes wrong, and pay the bills out of the smallest pot of money in the world.

I work with an incredible team of people, and firmly believe team work is essential. Taking the time to build a team from the vets to the transport team will ensure that every aspect of the rescue goes well. I am a determined person, and do believe that we can all make a difference, no matter what the odds are.

I believe in what I do, that we CAN make a difference, and that we WILL succeed, this encourages others to feel the same. However, I also do not think that I know everything, and every day I learn something new, which enables me to pass this on and make sure we save more animals.  I don't want to be the star, I want my team to shine.

Far too many people get upset because they want to be part of what we do, but want to do it their way, and make sure everyone knows they are "rescuing" My team is effective, and does an incredible job due to the fact we achieve so much without people even realizing it. With the right team with me on this journey, we can save so many lives.

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