Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Lorenzo is a dog that touched so many people, a short video of him went out on the internet, and a mass frenzy occurred. The video showed him chained, starved, and kids throwing rocks at him, he was eating the rocks thinking they were food. The moment I saw the video I knew we had to save him, sadly all the wannabe hero's wanted him too.

Thankfully the volunteers guessed where lorenzo was located and got to him first, but this didn't stop other "rescues" claiming they had him. Fund raising, and appealing, and begging for money for a dog they didn't even have. Sadly, a very common thing that happens, and people donate not realizing, but I sat back and didn't say a word until we safely had lorenzo.

Lorenzo was skin and bone, nothing medically wrong with him.... just food. He had lived his whole short life on a chain, and for whatever reason had been abandoned and left to starve.

Although humans had done this to him, he still loved humans without any grudges.... I love dogs for that!

Lorenzo came home, and ate, and ate, and ate...... he soon gained weight, and thrived. 

 I promised Lorenzo that he would never have to go hungry again, and he loved his food :) 

 Lorenzo was ready to look for his new home, and a wonderful lady came forward asking if she could adopt him. 

His life has changed forever, and soon he will begin his journey to his new life, which is fantastic. Dogs like Lorenzo are why I do this..... why your donations are so important.... why we fight every day to change the lives of as many dogs as we can. 


  1. Beautiful buy....happy ending too....a true fairytale.....and all thanks to you guys.