Saturday 9 September 2017

Quick Close the Borders!

Today I heard the funniest thing ever, a UK vet has made sure that they get the award for spouting the biggest load of rubbish yet. I have been accused of many things over the years, but endangering the UK, and all dogs there is the best yet. Are you wondering what I did? Well I fear the UK will have to close the borders, and quarantine everyone...... A Spanish Tick was found.

Not just any tick, but a Spanish one... I did wonder if it was clutching a straw donkey, wearing a sombrero, but apparently these killer ticks are deadly to English dogs!

Our ticks it seems are fatal, deadly, and we need to call in the army... the navy and everyone else to deal with this crisis. Now don't get me wrong ticks are nasty, and cause me huge headaches, which is why we treat our dogs.

However, it seems one of our paella eating ticks has managed to hitch a ride to the UK. I bet it wish it hadn't when it saw how cold it was. You will currently find him, standing on the M25 hitching a ride back to Spain. Seriously though come on people, I know they are your vets, and you trust them, but please think about things.

In fact UK ticks are actually more dangerous as you have Lyme disease, we don't have that here, so your ticks are far more of a hazard than ours! So yet again a UK vet has over exaggerated, and made out we have weird and wonderful creatures, and disease.... but if you do see a HUGE tick wearing a Spanish flag tell him to come home.

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