Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Many Times it is Simply Food!

Many of the animals we agree to take are in incredibly poor condition, but often all they need is food and time. There is nothing medically wrong with them, which is often even more annoying, knowing that all someone had to do was feed it, is crazy.

Back in February we were asked to get involved in a case with some horses. A lady had "rescued" so many and could no longer cope, she could not afford the vets, food and farrier for all of them.

One stood out from all the others, she was painfully thin, with a poor coat, and many sores. I agreed to take her straight away.

When Maggie arrived, she was no more than a walking frame of a horse, and an animal this size doesnt get like this overnight.

 As with all the horses the vet is called within a few days to rule out any medical reasons for her condition. Needless to say she had nothing wrong, apart from the fact she had not been fed. Maggie needed food, that was all, food and love, both of which her previous owner failed to give her. 

Maggie today just seven months on, she is healthier, with an amazing coat, she has gained weight and confidence. We have since discovered that she has had a broken hip in the past as she walks with a limp. As with all the horses, Maggie is here to live a happy carefree life, never having to worry about where her next meal is coming from. 

Your support and donations make this possible, so Thank you. 

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