Thursday, 14 September 2017

Puppies in Boxes!

Puppies in boxes here is so common, it doesn't even shock me anymore, it does piss me off though. What makes anyone think if you put puppies in a box that they will stay there, as they wriggle and move. So, what happens is the puppies get out of the box, wander off, get hit by cars, or starve to death.

Huge pat on the box there to the arsehole who dumped them, but its all OK, because they put air holes in the box for the puppies. I would love to ask someone what goes through their mind when they dump the puppies. Do they think they are doing the right thing? Do they think its OK someone will definitely save them? Or do they actually not care less.

If you want rid why not just seal the box, and kill the pups, why leave them in boiling heat no water, no shade, but air holes, so they die slower? I spend a long time trying to work out what goes through these peoples heads, I know I shouldn't waste oxygen and time on them, but I like to know what makes people do what they do.

These guys are full of worms, parasites, fleas, and are weak, but we are hoping now that we are picking up the bill to save them, vaccinate them and find them homes that they will thrive. So, thanks to the idiot that dumped the five sick puppies in the box on Tuesday morning, you have just cost me time, effort, and money.

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